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IBM WebSphere® Message Broker (WMB)

IBM WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) v6.0 reached end of support from IBM on April 30th, 2011 and v8 went GA on December 9th, 2011. Customers with significant investment connectivity infrastructure on the Message Broker platform want to move to newer, supported versions of the product to stay current with IBM's support roadmap, as well as take advantage of new capabilities in the product like virtualized Broker topologies.
Many of these same customers struggle to establish test environments to meet migration project timelines due to internal obstacles around provisioning. To handle these challenges, HHG is offering our IBM SmartCloud-hosted WMB Managed Migration Services. This is a packaged, "bring-your-own-licenses" service that follows these steps:
At the end of the engagement, customers can continue to create WMB instances for additional SDLC use cases. Under a separate services contract, HHG can provide on-going support for IBM SmartCloud Enterprise-hosted environments.