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HHG's IBM SmartCloud Managed SOA Governance Services

For the last 4 years, deploying a consistent team of consultants, Haddon Hill Group has been implementing WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR)-centric SOA Governance projects for many WebSphere customers.
We see customers struggle with:
Moreover, our customers are looking for a lower operating cost model around which to build out the foundation of a larger SOA Governance discipline.
HHG is applying our years of successful implementation experience, participation in WSRR Early Access Programs, and private cloud delivery capabilities to offer full IBM SmartCloud Enterprise-based implementation, customization and ongoing support for customers on a "Bring your Own License" basis. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is an agile, cloud-computing, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), designed to provide rapid access to security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server environments; well-suited for development and test activities and other dynamic workloads. As part of our Managed SOA Governance Services offering, HHG utilizes IBM's SmartCloud Enterprise infrastructure to quickly provision the WSRR platform, by creating an enablement profile customized to match an enterprise's vision for design-time SOA Governance.
This service offering is suitable for both large divisions of global enterprises who need a practical, working SOA Governance solution quickly and do not have the resources or time for a large customization effort, as well as for organizations just beginning with SOA Governance, who will need a more limited implementation but will require more education, coaching and knowledge transfer.
As part of a typical Managed SOA Governance Services engagement, HHG will:
At the end of the engagement, with an additional services contract, customers can choose to have HHG continue to manage the platform on their behalf. Additionally, customers can extend this implementation into testing/development environments for WebSphere integration runtime infrastructure via our IBM SmartCloud Managed SOA Policy Test/Development Environment service.